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New London switching to monthly meetings for 2009

NEW LONDON -- New London City Council will conduct only one regular meeting per month in 2009.

City Administrator Trudie Guptill said New London's City Council, which swore in two new members Wednesday, decided to change its regular meeting schedule from two meetings per month to one.

Guptill said the City Council altered the meeting schedule to help combat the recent Local Government Aid cuts. According to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, New London lost $24,550 in state aid last month due to the "unallotment" plan of Gov. Tim Pawlenty. New London expected to receive $147,784 in Local Government Aid. Fewer meetings will reduce the per diems paid to council members and reduce paid staff time.

Guptill said the city's next two meetings will be Feb. 4 and March 11. Starting in April, New London will conduct its meetings on the third Wednesday of each month.