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Litchfield School Board approves district statutory operating debt plan

LITCHFIELD -- The Litchfield School Board gave its final approval of the school district's plan for exiting statutory operating debt Monday during its first school board meeting of 2009.

Superintendent Bill Wold said today the School Board unanimously approved the district's exit plan Monday.

Litchfield Public Schools will submit the plan to the Minnesota Department of Education by the end of this month. By statute, the department requires any school district that has recently fallen into statutory operating debt to submit a specialized operating plan by Jan. 31.

Since Dec. 22, the School Board has contemplated a list of final budget reductions targeted for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 school years. The cuts were worth $894,000.

With the School Board's approval, the district will enact more than $1.2 million in budget reductions as part of its three-year exit plan.

Read more about the district's three-year plan for exiting statutory operating debt in Wednesday's edition of the West Central Tribune.