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WILLMAR -- Willmar Police are investigating a break-in reported Thursday night at a home in Regency West. A 20-gauge shotgun was among the items that were stolen.

Kandiyohi County

- Jennifer Ann Jacobson, 43, of Willmar, was arraigned in district court in Willmar Friday on felony charges of controlled substance possession in the fifth degree, receiving stolen property and theft.

The court ordered unconditional bail set at $20,000 and allowed conditional release on her own recognizance provided she abide by conditions that include no possession of firearms.

The complaint alleges that she was in possession of a stolen trailer and that 23 Vicoden pills for which she did not have a prescription and a marijuana pipe were recovered from her vehicle and purse.

She was arrested Feb. 11 while unloading wood from a trailer at a Willmar residence.

The complaint alleges that she told a sheriff's officer that the owner of the trailer had told her she could use it whenever she wanted. She had posted bail for him, she told the officer. The officer said the trailer's owner was contacted in jail. He said he had not made any such offer, but said she he owed her $150 for having posted bail. His wife had reported the trailer as stolen on Feb. 1. It is valued at more than $1,000.

The officer ordered that the trailer and the pickup truck used by the defendant be towed. He asked the defendant if she wanted to remove her purse from the floor of the truck and she said no, according to the complaint.

Later, a trained drug sniffing dog indicated that contraband was in the truck and a search recovered 19 Vicoden pills in the truck and four others in the purse along with the marijuana pupe.

- Kathleen Mary Huiras-Weber, 42, of Hawick, appeared Thursday in district court on a felony charge of controlled substance possession in the third degree.

The court ordered unconditional bail set at $25,000 and allowed her release on personal recognizance on conditions including that she abstain from alcohol and drugs and submit to random testing.

The complaint alleges that a confidential informant purchased 1.2 grams of methamphetamine from her for $150 during an arranged buy on Oct. 9 at Kandiyohi County Park 4 in Spicer.

- Omar Jason Romero, 28, of Willmar, returned to court on Friday for the second time in as many weeks, this time on a felony charge of controlled substance possession in the second degree.

The court ordered unconditional bail set at $50,000 and conditional bail at $5,000. The conditions include a requirement to report and maintain contact with his probation officer.

The complaint alleges that a confidential informant purchased two baggies holding 5.4 grams of methamphetamine for $800 from Romero in an arranged buy on Dec. 16 at the defendant's Willmar residence.

The defendant had appeared in court Feb. 2 on three felony charges, including second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, for allegedly threatening a woman with a knife and threatening to burn down her home. The assault charges result from an incident on Feb. 1.

- Ben Frank Christianson, 30, of Spicer, formerly of Blomkest, appeared Thursday in district court in Willmar on charges of certain person not to have firearms, ineligible person possessing firearms and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The court allowed the defendant to be released on his own recognizance provided he abide by conditions including not possessing any firearms.

The complaint alleges that the CEE-VI drug task force executed a search warrant at a residence in Willmar on Sept. 25 that he shares with his girlfriend. The search uncovered several glass bowls and pipes commonly used for smoking methamphetamine and marijuana; marijuana residue; a youth model Winchester 12-guage shotgun and a 45 caliber black powder rifle.

Sometime after the search, the defendant allegedly contacted a drug enforcement agent and told him that the seized materials belonged to him and not his girlfriend and that he used the glass bowls to smoke drugs. He said the shotgun had been given to him by his father when he was young and he was giving it to the son of his girlfriend.

Court records show that Christianson has a prior conviction for burglary in the third degree and that the terms of his sentence prohibit him from possessing firearms.

- David Hernandez, 19, of Willmar, pleaded guilty to fourth-degree driving while intoxicated in district court. A charge of receiving stolen property, a motor vehicle, was dismissed under terms of a plea agreement.

The complaint alleges that Hernandez was driving a stolen, 1994 Ford Escort and was impaired when stopped by a police officer on Oct. 28 in Willmar.

The complaint alleges that a passenger in the car had stolen the vehicle from a Willmar address and drove it to the defendant's residence. He asked Hernandez to drive because he was impaired, and the defendant said he did not feel too impaired to drive, according to the complaint.

- Emilo Ozornia, 23, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Friday to felony charges of fleeing a police officer and receiving stolen property in district court in Willmar. A charge of driving after revocation was dismissed.

The court set sentencing for March 26.

Ozornia was arrested Jan. 1 when a Willmar Police officer spotted him driving a vehicle he knew to have been involved in a hit-and-run accident one week earlier.

The complaint alleges that Ozornia drove away when signaled to stop and sped and committed other traffic violations before pulling into a parking lot.

There, a man came to the scene to tell officers that his friend's apartment had been burglarized and a brass coffee table with a glass top, adult videos, flashlight, Brink's home security box and a Dallas Cowboy hat had been stolen. The items were visible in the back of the vehicle driven by the defendant, according to the complaint.

- Maria Elena Gutierrez, 28, of Willmar, was sentenced Friday to 18 months in prison at the Shakopee Correctional Facility for women for possession of a controlled substance in the fourth degree, but the sentence was stayed for 30 years.

The court ordered that she serve 365 days in the Kandiyohi County Jail, with credit for 195 days served. She must also serve 30 years of supervised probation and pay a fine of $1,500 and fees of $15 and $75.

The complaint charges that she was arrested Aug. 3 when she was stopped by an officer on Trott Avenue in Willmar for driving after revocation.

A search of her vehicle prior to its being towed revealed a Marlboro cigarette box holding four baggies. Tests later showed that their contents included 5.6 grams of methamphetamine and 6 grams of cocaine.

Court records show she has a 2003 conviction for controlled substance possession in Kandiyohi County .

Kandiyohi County

Michael Arthur Johnson, Pennock, and Heidi Beth Peterson, Pennock.

Faysal Mohamed Mohamud, Willmar, and Jamila Mahamed Mohamud, Willmar.