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Kandiyohi County to remain with elected auditor-treasurer, recorder

WILLMAR -- The Kandiyohi County auditor-treasurer and recorder positions will remain elected -- rather than appointed -- offices, at least for now, the County Board of Commissioners has decided.

The county commissioners dropped the idea today, saying there isn't a strong enough case or enough of a consensus to make the change.

"Frankly it's not worth the fight on the board... We have bigger fish to fry," said Harlan Madsen.

The issue had been debated for the past two months.

Madsen said he spoke to officials in a handful of other counties where the auditor-treasurer and recorder are appointed, and those counties have been satisfied with the change.

The current system is working well in Kandiyohi County, however, and it's probably not the right time to change it, he said.

"I really haven't seen any reason to change," agreed Dean Shuck.

Nor did there appear to be strong support from the public for the idea.