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Editorial Stimulus Package Step In A Recovery

Sign, sealed and delivered on Tuesday was Stimulus 2009. Now the challenge will be in the implementation.

After President Obama signed the $787 billion recovery package into law Tuesday in Denver, he said the law would "set our economy on a firmer foundation."

It remains to be seen whether this recovery package can make that achievement.

The recovery plan by itself cannot do all that is needed to turn the American economy around.

The package's objectives are investment in education, new infrastructure and new energy research. It also expands social safety net programs in addition to increasing unemployment benefits and health care access for those who have lost their jobs.

The package is not without critics. Only three Republicans -- all in the Senate -- voted for the stimulus package. GOP critics say the plan has too much spending and not enough tax cuts to stimulate the economy.

The economic recovery in America will not be a steady, smooth or straight road. There are going to be restarts, bumps and curves all along the way.

We hope this stimulus plan will be just the first step toward an overall economic recovery. Hopefully, this first step will be something to build on.