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ACGC school considers administrative options

GROVE CITY -- School board members heard four different options for restructuring the Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City school district's administrative staff at a special meeting on Tuesday evening.

None of the four proposals includes a full-time superintendent.

A committee has been looking at the district's long-term options for administration. The committee members outlined four different proposals at the meeting.

School board members are likely to select one of the four options at their regular meeting Monday, said Roger Rueckert, who is currently serving as the district's interim superintendent.

Board Chairwoman Judy Raske made it clear at the onset of Tuesday's meeting that no decisions would be made until board members have had time to consider the options, the superintendent added.

The options presented to board members carry different estimated costs, and call for different administrative team alignments. Three of the four call for a superintendent to hold additional part-time principal duties. The fourth calls for a 0.6-time superintendent position and keeps intact the current administrative structure.