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Blomkest man faces another drug charge for meth sales

WILLMAR -- A rural Blomkest man made his first appearance Tuesday on another first-degree drug sale charge for selling 15.6 grams of methamphetamine to an informant for the CEE-VI Drug Task Force last fall.

David Dennis Jacobson, 48, now faces six felonies, including charges of first-degree drug sale and conspiracy and fifth-degree drug sale, conspiracy and liability for crimes of another. The first five charges were filed after a search warrant was served Oct. 27 on Jacobson's home. The search unveiled almost a pound of methamphetamine, a number of guns and more than 11 ounces of marijuana. Jacobson's next appearance on those charges is a March 16 pre-trial hearing. He is scheduled for a jury trial on March 18 and 19 in Kandiyohi County District Court.

Unconditional bail was set at $75,000 and conditional bail was allowed for $25,000. The bail amounts are in addition to the $200,000 unconditional and $110,000 conditional bail on the five-felony case. His next appearance in the new case is March 9.

According to the new complaint, an informant for the drug task force completed the purchase of methamphetamine from Jacobson on Oct. 9 and 15. Both times, the buy was for an "eight-ball," or about 8 grams of meth for $800. The buys were made at Jacobson's home with money provided by the task force and the informant later met law enforcement officers and turned over the drugs.

According to the first complaint, law enforcement officers served a search warrant the evening of Oct. 27 on Jacobson's home, along 135th Avenue Southeast. Jacobson was taken into custody when he arrived during the search, and officers confiscated more than $500 cash from his person.

Officers searched an outbuilding and found a total of 443 grams, or 15.6 ounces, of methamphetamine in a cooler, an aspirin bottle, an ashtray and a lozenge bottle. They also found 171 grams of marijuana, a handwritten drug note, a digital scale, baggies, photos of marijuana plants and other items.

During a search of an outhouse, officers found 146 grams of marijuana packaged in separate bags. Officers found a total of 16 guns in the home, including four rifles, eight shotguns and four handguns. During an interview with agents, Jacobson allegedly admitted that he was buying and selling large amounts of methamphetamine.