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'Cinderella' opens tonight

Willmar Junior High School presents "Cinderella" at 7 p.m. today through Saturday and at 1 p.m. on Sunday at the Willmar Senior High School.

Tickets are $6 for adults, $3 for students, and are available at Willmar Community Ed and Rec at the Washington Learning Center and for one hour prior to each performance.

"Cinderella," the "timeless enchantment of a magical fairy tale, is reborn with the Rodgers & Hammerstein hallmarks of originality, charm and elegance." Originally presented on television in 1957 starring Julie Andrews, it was the most widely viewed program in the history of the medium. It was remade in 1965 and again in 1997.

As adapted for the stage, with "great warmth and more than a touch of hilarity, the hearts of children and adults alike still soar when the slipper fits."

Members of the cast include Elise Haugen as Cinderella and Nate Erickson as Prince Charming. King and queen are Jonathan Pierskalla and Tayva Vollan, respectively; the herald is played by Andrew Strom

Hannah Olson is the stepmother, Bailey Hovland plays Joy and Caroline Bell plays Portia, the stepsisters. Janessa Palmer is the godmother.

Jordan Gatewood is the chef, Paul Benson is the steward, Josh Warne is the footman, Zach Sowers is the minister and Austin Miley is the clumsy man.

There are 70 students in the chorus of which 15 have solos (designated by an asterisk): Erika Aaker, Hannah Anderson, *Megan Andresen, Sam Anez, Whitney Buchan, * Shawn Carlson, Rayna Cavazos, * Emily Coffield, Austin Dahlberg, * Alexis Damm, Shelby Danzeisen, Karina DeJong, Hannah Englin, Raegan Erickson, Korryn Flaig, *Hannah Forkrud, Morgan Gabel, Maggie Gauer, *Mary Goulson, Hannah Haugen, Catherine Halvorson, Courtney Hoffmann, Alexis Hoppe, Jon Hillenbrand,

Ethan Johnson, *Hailey Johnson, Marissa Johnson, Tony Kallevig, Melayne Kelly, Cassandra Lankenau, *Amy Larson, Austin Linbo, Kassy Linbo, Taylor Lippert, *Mallory Loge, Savannah Miller, Brandon Mogard, Zach Mohr, Rosie Molenaar, Cory Nellermoe, Torri Odom, *Alexa Pitra, Megan Pogreba, Austin Rambow, Leah Ramon, Tori Raths, *Katie Roiland, Tara Rudie, Megan Rudnick,

Ryan Sawyer, Calvin Schanus, Emily Schlecht, Laura Schmidt, Ashlie Skonard, Allison Slagter, *Waverly Slette, Taylor Stallman, Elle Stienessen, Emily Stiver, Morgan Stoeberl, Kaitlyn Swanson, Rachel Thein, Charlie Trochlil, *Courtney Turck, *Omar Valencia, Zoe Vossen, Bethanie Waldemarsen, Casey Walquist, Janey Walquist and *Kim Wright.

The play is directed by Tim Cayler and Melissa Wallestad. Two senior high students will help with lights and sound. Dan Anfinson is the sound tech and lights will be run by Tom LaPatka.

The sets were built by cast members with help from their parents.