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Three Detroit Lakes students involved in setting off "Drano" bombs at high school

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. - A week ago, three Detroit Lakes High School students were involved with setting off homemade bombs in the school. The investigation is still pending.

Detroit Lakes Police Sgt. Tim Eggebraaten said two Drano -- or "MacGyver" as they are sometimes called -- bombs made out of household chemicals were placed in garbage cans in the high school. According to the ICR at the police station, the garbage cans were located in the commons area.

The bombs exploded about 3:35 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 25, after school was out. School Resource Officer Beau Shroyer was in the area and heard the bombs discharge, Eggebraaten said.

A vapor cloud had formed in and around the garbage cans, and when Shroyer got to the bombs, he did get chemicals on his hands. Eggebraaten said Shroyer followed up with the Poison Control Agency with minor burns. No students have come forward with injuries, Eggebraaten said.

Shroyer then watched surveillance tapes at the high school and three students have been connected to the incident. Eggebraaten said one acted as a lookout, and the other two, ages 18 and 16, were involved with mixing and placing the bombs in the garbage cans.

The police have contacted the Becker County Attorney's Office, as this is considered a felony. Eggebraaten said he is waiting to hear back from the attorney's office to see what action will be taken against the students.