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Fund drive to help unemployed residents of Kanidyohi County

WILLMAR -- A matching grant offer could provide a big boost to a local fund drive that aims to keep newly unemployed residents in Kandiyohi County in their homes.

If Kandiyohi County residents donate up to $9,000 by Friday, The Salvation Army will receive a grant of either $12,000 or $18,000, according to Randy Stahl, administrator of The Salvation Army in Kandiyohi County.

If the local fund drive reaches $9,000, the Willmar Salvation Army will be awarded an $18,000 grant, he said.

If the fund drive reaches at least $6,000, it will be awarded a $12,000 grant.

The grants will be used locally to provide rent and mortgage assistance to the increasing number of county residents who have lost their jobs and are facing financial crisis, The Salvation Army reported.

Stahl said the grant funds can help the unemployed stay in houses and apartments and assist them with food, utilities and other bills.

The grants are part of a $3.45 million fund The Salvation Army created to serve 11 Midwestern states.

The funds will be used exclusively for families and individuals whose unemployment occurred after Oct. 1, 2008, according to The Salvation Army.

Donors should contact The Willmar Salvation Army to make their pledge. For more information, call 320-235-2033.