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It's moving day for Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital

MONTEVIDEO -- With the help of a professional crew, staff at the Chippewa County - Montevideo Hospital started the move into the new hospital facility on Friday morning.

The hospital will complete the move through the weekend, and open the doors on the new facility at the start of business on Monday morning, according to Mark Paulson, hospital administrator.

The Chippewa County - Montevideo Hospital is making $44 million worth of improvements by constructing a new hospital and clinic complex on its campus. Work on the clinic was completed earlier, and the new medical clinic has been in use since late January.

Work will continue into the summer. Most of the old hospital will be razed to make way for more parking.

The new facilities will expand and improve the delivery of health care services, said Paulson. The goal is to make this one of the state's best primary health care centers in the state, he said.