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Administrator search progressing in city of Spicer

SPICER -- After the city announced its administrator severance agreement plans, Spicer immediately began searching for someone to fill the open position.

The City Council announced Feb. 3 that Spicer would advertise for applicants for the city administrator role. Interim City Administrator Wayne Thompson said Tuesday that the city received 56 applications for the job.

Mayor Denny Baker said Wednesday that Spicer's Personnel Committee, of which he is a member, has already narrowed the field down to five candidates. He also said the committee would start interviews next week.

"I think we received a lot of good candidates," Baker said. "I don't know if hiring is ever easy. You try to go through them the best you can and through the interviewing process you try and come up with the person you think is going to fit the bill."

Baker said the city received applications from many local job searchers and from candidates employed by larger cities. "There's a good cross section of people," he said.

The Personnel Committee hopes to have a hiring recommendation ready for the City Council sometime in April, Baker said, most likely by the April 21 meeting.