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Former U.S. attorney to assist Ansari

WATSON -- An effort to raise legal funds to help Aziz Ansari defend himself against the city of Watson is being suspended, thanks to help that Ansari feels will even the legal playing field.

He learned Friday that former U.S. District Attorney David Lillehaug will serve as legal counsel in the dispute with the city of Watson on a pro bono basis.

The Twin Cities-based attorney called him Friday to offer his service, said Ansari. Lillehaug will drive to Watson to meet with his client early this week.

Ansari said he has felt at a disadvantage in the dispute, since he does not have the financial means to match the city's legal challenge. Watson has retained the Twin Cities legal firm of Kennedy and Gravens in its legal matters involving him.

Supporters of Ansari had established a legal defense fund to accept contributions on his behalf at the Prairie Sun Bank in Milan.