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Local residents pitching sandbags along Red River

WILLMAR -- Local volunteers are responding to the call for help with the flood fight in the Fargo, N.D.-Moorhead area.

Peterson Bus Service of New London sent two buses to the area Tuesday.

It planned to send a bus from Willmar today. Mike Nelson, with Peterson Bus, said groups from both Spicer and Paynesville left Tuesday to pitch sandbags. They were planning to ride the red eye special back Tuesday night.

Jesse Gislason said he and a friend were originally planning to devote two days to sandbagging and helping friends in Fargo. They decided to see if they could recruit some additional help. They contacted Peterson Bus Service and found businesses to sponsor the bus they led to Fargo on Tuesday.

Gislason said they were able to recruit 30 volunteers. They were filling sandbags in West Fargo when reached by phone shortly before noon Tuesday.

Barb Levin, a youth coordinator at Nordland Lutheran Church in Paynesville, organized volunteers from the Paynesville area with the same goal of helping out.

They were on the road around 4:30 a.m.

The organized bus tours are not the only way volunteers are getting to the Red River to help out.

Members of the Willmar Civil Air Patrol, Wesota Composite Squadron, hit the road early Tuesday morning with intentions of devoting the day to helping sandbag or providing help as needed. Lt. Cols. Linda Dilley and Ruth Hoffman led four cadets on the trip to Moorhead.