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Two injured in collision, vehicles totaled

OLIVIA -- Two drivers suffered non-life threatening injuries in a rear-end type collision at 3:22 p.m. Friday on U.S. Highway 212 east of Olivia.

Cierra Baumgartner, 17, of Olivia, was stopped in traffic in a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee and waiting for another eastbound vehicle to make a left turn, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Taylor Wertish, 18, of Olivia, was driving a 1997 Ford pickup and was eastbound when it struck the back of the Jeep Cherokee.

Wertish suffered lacerations to his head. Baumgartner reported minor injuries. Both vehicles were totaled, according to the report.

District Court, Kandiyohi County

- Tracy Lynn Pillatzki, 34, of Willmar, failed to appear in district court Friday for an arraignment on two felony counts of financial card transaction fraud and two counts of felony theft.

The court issued a warrant for her arrest without bail or bond.

A complaint charges that Pillatzki participated in the theft of a woman's purse and contents valued at $1,100 and in using credits cards found in it to make $2,276 worth of charges for goods at local stores.

The complaint charges that she assisted her boyfriend by placing his jacket over a woman's purse while he was working at Arby's Restaurant in Willmar on Dec. 10, and that he subsequently took the purse with his jacket. The owner reported the purse as stolen that day.

A Kandiyohi County Sheriff's deputy identified Pillatzki and her boyfriend on a video allegedly showing them using a credit card from the purse to make purchases at Wal-Mart in Willmar on Dec. 11. The defendant and others are also accused of using credit cards in the purse at a number of other stores to purchase items ranging from a Playstation to a ring and shoes. The purse also held two pairs of prescription glasses, medicines, an inhaler, billfold and other items.

- Amber Lynn Pillatzki, 26, of Willmar, was released on her own recognizance after being arraigned in district court on Friday on two charges of financial transaction card fraud.

The complaint charges that Pillatzki participated with her sister and her sister's boyfriend in using credit cards from a stolen purse.

The complaint charges that she was a participant at some of the purchases when cards from the purse were used to purchase a total of $2,276 worth of goods. The purse and its cards were stolen on Dec. 10, 2008, according to the complaint, and the credit cards used the following day.

- Lance Joel Cameron, 27, of Willmar, was arraigned Friday on two charges of check forgery.

The court set bail at $20,000 with conditions including that he have no contact with the alleged victim or an alleged accomplice.

The complaint charges that Cameron and another man attempted to cash checks of $900 and $1,263 to be drawn from a personal checking account at Home State Bank, Willmar, on Feb. 23. The clerk had received a notice that checks from the account had been stolen. The clerk obtained the defendant's thumb prints on the checks and then held the checks as well as reporting the incident.

An investigation led police to allege that the defendant had taken the checks from a vulnerable adult who is in the care of his girlfriend.

- Adam Andrew Paradee, 28, of Willmar, was arraigned in district court on Friday for knowingly violating registration requirements as a predatory sex offender.

The complaint charges that Paradee was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and required to report any address changes to police.

Police allege that after he was released from jail on Dec. 14 Paradee listed both a primary address and a secondary address but did not live at either. A police investigator talked to the residents at the two addresses provided by the defendant, and was allegedly told at both that he had not been at either since last autumn.

- Veronica A. Garcia, 36, of Willmar, pleaded guilty to one count of felony, wrongfully obtaining assistance theft and one count of perjury in district court on Friday.

In return for the guilty pleas, 12 other perjury charges were dismissed.

The court ordered a pre-sentence investigation.

Garcia is alleged to have accepted $18,940 in public assistance over payments from Kandiyohi County Family Service from Sept. 2005 to Dec. 2007.

During this period, she signed a variety of documents with statements on her household income and the number of dependent children in her care. A subsequent investigation determined that a man who was the father of three of the children claimed as dependents was living with her and had income from employment during this period. The defendant allegedly did not acknowledge his presence or income in the statements, resulting in the over payment of assistance.

Confronted about the allegations, the complaint charges that she told an investigator that she did not want to acknowledge the man's presence because she was afraid of immigration issues and that she would pay the county back for the over payments.