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Schools close in early spring storm

More than a dozen schools in the region cancelled classes today as a late-spring storm hit the area.

Community events are also being postponed.

State and county crews are out and trying to keep roads cleared.

Many school districts started with a two-hour late start but then cancelled classes before buses were even sent out.

"We knew the forecast wasn't good," said New London-Spicer Superintendent Paul Carlson, who began monitoring the weather maps last night.

Decisions on how to handle weather-related school closures is done by communicating with bus drivers in their district and with superintendents in neighboring districts, said Carlson.

In the NL-S district, which covers 166 square miles, there can be a variety of road conditions. That was the case today, he said, with some bus drivers reporting frozen slush and ice under the new snow.

With information from the weather service, bus drivers and other superintendents, NL-S and about 15 other area school changed their two-hour late status to closed for the day.

"By 7:30 we decided not to back buses out and we closed school," said Carlson.

Many districts have had a higher number than usual of late starts, early dismissals and cancellations because of weather. Some districts' calendars, like NL-S and Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, were altered to allow students to attend state sporting events.

With today's storm, NL-S has now had four late starts, four early dismissals and two full days cancelled because of weather. It's the worst year since 1997, said Carlson.

While it's always fun to have an unexpected day off from school for a storm, NL-S students will be going an extra day this spring (June 5) to make up for today. "That'll be news to the kids," said Carlson.

Other districts may also be adjusting their calendars and extending the school year to make up for yet another storm day.

Carolyn Lange

A reporter for more than 30 years, Carolyn Lange covers regional news with the West Central Tribune.

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