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Moorhead begins building contingency dikes

MOORHEAD - The city of Moorhead has started building a contingency dike in preparation for a second crest, and more could be built soon.

Construction of a dike running along Rivershore Drive from north of Interstate 94 to south of Woodlawn Park began yesterday.

Bob Zimmerman, city engineer, said the dikes are just a precaution and that it was important for residents to realize the city was "not abandoning them."

The dikes would bring certain heights between 43.5 and 44 feet, but would average only 2 feet high off the ground. The dikes would still allow for access to neighborhoods, but not to individual driveways along the route.

Other areas that may get contingency dikes:

* Ninth Street North between Sixth and at least 10th Avenue North

* 11th Street North from 18th Avenue to Caddy Avenue

* 40th Avenue South and west of Eighth Street

* 46th Avenue South and east of Eighth Street

* Possibly along certain sections of Eighth Street.