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Renville County West to move all students to Renville campus

RENVILLE -- The Renville County West School Board voted 6-to-1 Thursday night to move its elementary students into the school building in Renville before the next school year.

The board first defeated an effort to make the transition over two years on a vote of 2-to-5.

A majority of the board approved moving all grades at once. David Hamre was the only member to vote against it. Hamre had proposed the two-year transition which was defeated.

The board had conducted several earlier public meetings to discuss the proposed move. About 15 people attended the meeting Thursday in the high school gym in Renville.

Board members spent about an hour discussing the alternatives before making a final decision.

The School Board has had a long-standing goal of moving all students into one building. The board had asked the voters to approve a new building for grades K-12, but it was rejected last fall.

The board also voted Thursday to close the current elementary school in Sacred Heart in a year. The plan to keep the building operational for another year will allow the district to use some of the athletic facilities and will give the community of Sacred Heart some time to develop a plan for the building, board members said.