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Trans-Kandi Voyage

Norman Hande, Carsten Bjornstad, John Hanson and Ed Huseby practiced their canoeing strokes earlier this month in a small body of water known locally as Just Slough. It's one of the small lakes the four men will paddle across as they attempt to traverse the county's northern lakes and river in one day. About a third of the 30-mile adventure will involve portaging the canoe down the road. (Tribune photo by Carolyn Lange)

1. Launch at Kandi-Swift road and canoe across Sunburg Lake to County Road 7 (1 mile)

2. Canoe across East Sunburg Lake to middle of section; portage on Black's land to 125th Street (1.1 miles)

3. From 125th Street, portage to Just Slough and canoe across Just Slough to County Road 113 (1.1 miles)

4. Portage from County Road 113 to Old Log Church (1.5 miles)

5. Portage from Old Log Church to County Road 1 (1.3 miles)

6. Portage from County Road 1 to West Norway Lake inlet (1 mile)

7. Canoe along east edge of West Norway Lake; cross under the bridge to Norway Lake and canoe across to County Road 5 (2.3 miles)

8. Canoe across Middle Lake to County Road 38 (1.1 miles)

9. Portage to Lake Andrew and canoe to landing on south side of the lake (1.3 miles)

10. Portage on First Street North to County Road 40 and east to Shakopee Creek crossing (1.2 miles)

11. Portage from Shakopee Creek Crossing to U.S. Highway 71 (1.3 miles)

12. Portage from U.S. Highway 71 to driveway east of large steel shed (1 mile)

13. Portage from driveway to Crow River crossing (.8 mile)

14. Canoe on Crow River from County Road 40 to Nest Lake on 153rd Street (2.6 miles)

15. Canoe across Nest Lake to Ye Old Mill Inn (1.9 miles)

16. Portage to landing east of Ye Old Mill Inn (¼ mile) and canoe north part of Green Lake to County Road 4 (3 miles)

17. Canoe Crow River channel into Lake Calhoun and to the dam (2 miles)

18. Canoe river channel to County Road 2 (1.4 miles)

19. Canoe Middle Fork Crow River to County Road 10 (1.5 miles)

20. Canoe Middle Fork Crow River to eastern edge of Kandiyohi County (.8 mile)

Carolyn Lange

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