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Willmar Fests junior royalty to be crowned at event Thursday

WILLMAR -- Crowning of the Willmar Fests junior royalty kicks off the Downtown Block Party at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at Fifth Street and Becker Avenue Southwest. Finalists have been announced. The prince and princess will be chosen by random drawing.

Princess finalists are as follows:

Sarah Carlson, daughter of Mike and Liz Carlson; Shar-Dae Sward, daughter of Shannon Sward; Kelbe Johnson, daughter of Chad and Lisa Johnson; Angelique Martinez, daughter of Alberto and Angelita Martinez; Kristin Wearda, daughter of John and Juli Wearda; Jasmin Carranza, daughter of Noe and Norma Carranza; Olivia Wodash, daughter of Tom and Deb Wodash; Gabrielle Krall, daughter of Jennifer and Bradley Krall; Amanda Mathiasen, daughter of Bob and Linda Mathiasen; Leah Hansen, daughter of Bert and Julie Hansen; Shaylee Watson, daughter of Melanie and Jayme Watson; Laura Bolin, daughter of Marilyn and Tom Bolin; Isabel Ozornia, daughter of Esteban and Mary Ozornia; Haylee Zimmer; daughter of Jill Zimmer; Courtney Carlson, daughter of Stephanie and Jeremy Carlson; Kathryn Gubrud, daughter of Jon and Darcy Gubrud; and Victoria Larsen, daughter of Mark and Lisa Larson.

Prince finalists are as follows:

Logan Schafer, son of Jason and Jennifer Schafer; Reese Schuenke, son of Brent and Janel Schuenke; Hunter Samuelson, son of Kris Samuelson and Tanya Henrichs; Evan Pallansch, son of Nick and Teresa Pallansch; Marquis Christenson, son of Heather Christenson; Tyler Vlaminck, son of Jon and Tracy Vlaminck; Gunnar Banks, son of Eric and Andrew Banks; Matthew Bengtson, son of Tracy and Lisa Bengtson; Benjamin Bruhn, son of Beth and Jason Bruhn; Thomas Bonnema, son of Ace and Heather Bonnema; Jacob Olson, son of Steven and Heidi Olson; Isaac Valdez, son of Ashley Jones; Caleb Fink, son of Kevin and Melissa Fink; and Tristan Swenson, son of Stephanie and Tracy Swenson.