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Roof, tree damage reported after Spicer tornado

SPICER -- Ed and Linda Sluka of Spicer didn't see a tornado but saw heavy rotation in the clouds this afternoon.

They were in their garage when the sirens went off in Spicer and went outside for a look before they headed downstairs. They live across the street from the Dethlefs Center and about a half block from the Green Lake Mall.

"We didn't want to stick around for the show," Linda Sluka said, so they didn't see the tornado touch down. They could hear a lot of noise and hear trees breaking from the closet where they took shelter.

In their neighborhood, lots of trees blew down, and many houses had roof damage.

The neighborhood was full of emergency responders who were checking to be sure everyone was OK, she said.

Branches are reported down everywhere on the south end of Spicer, and they fill the parking lot of the Green Lake Mall, where roofing and siding appear to be ripped off the building.

A fruit and vegetable stand in the area has collapsed.

The ball field across state Highway 23 appears to have minor damage to signs along the fencing, and fence posts are bent.