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Tinklenberg announces third bid to defeat Bachmann in Sixth District

Democrat Elwyn Tinklenberg Monday announced his third bid to defeat U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann in the 2010 general election.

Tinklenberg's announcement Monday made official his bid to defeat the two-term congresswoman in the Sixth District.

In an e-mail to supporters and posted on his Web site, Tinklenberg said by coming within 3 percentage points in the last election, "we showed could make this a competitive race, and that I can win."

The Sixth Congressional District extends from eastern portion of Stearns County, including Paynesville, through Wright, Sherburne, Anoka and Washington counties.

"I've worked to bring people together," Tinklenberg wrote, saying Bachmann "seeks to divide people, to spread cynicism, and instill distrust."

Tinklenberg is a former mayor of Blaine and also served as state transportation commissioner under Gov. Jesse Ventura.