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Jury to get murder case this afternoon

WILLMAR -- The jury is expected to begin deliberating this afternoon in the murder trial of Miles David Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, 19, of Willmar, took the stand this morning in Kandiyohi County District Court and testified that Adam Milton ran after him, caught him with one hand and struck him in the neck and ribcage with the other hand before Edinburgh stabbed him.

"I opened up my pocket knife and poked Adam Milton," he said. "I was still trying to run."

Edinburgh said Milton didn't seem to feel the first stab and continued to grasp his shoulder and swing at him, so he stabbed Milton again. He then continued to run into nearby bushes and threw the knife to the ground under a pine tree before running away and hiding under a vehicle.

Jurors in the case were asked by presiding Judge Jon Stafsholt to return to the Willmar courthouse at 1:30 p.m. today for the final arguments and jury instructions.

Edinburgh faces a single second-degree murder charge in Kandiyohi County District Court for the July 20, 2008, stabbing death of Milton, a 21-year-old who played football for Ridgewater College.

Previous testimony by the medical examiner included that Milton's heart and left lung were damaged by the second stab wound, which penetrated 4¾ inches into his body. The stabbing came after a physical and verbal altercation between Edinburgh, Milton and others that night.

Edinburgh was apprehended nearby by Willmar police, who were searching for him. He said he told his arresting officer, "I said they were jumping me, they were attacking me."

The young man said he learned while in jail that Milton had died. "It broke my heart to know that I took the life of another human being," he said. "That's not who I was."

During cross-examination by First Assistant Kandiyohi County Attorney Connie Crowell, who is prosecuting the case, Edinburgh said he did not say anything to Milton about having a knife and that he did not tell Milton not to touch him.

Edinburgh also testified that the knife, exhibit No. 11 in the case, was his knife and that he used it to stab Milton.

Gretchen Schlosser

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