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Current enrollment figures in area districts

The current enrollment and a short explanation of the situation in area school districts is listed below:

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City: 783, down 10 from last year, seeing growth in the elementary population.

Benson: 957, down 17 from May but enrollment still exceeds estimates in this year's budget.

BOLD: 753, down 46 from a year ago, the drop was expected and was included in the budget.

Dawson-Boyd: 520, down 11 from a year ago, enrollment appears to be stabilizing.

Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg: 545, up 10 from May, has smaller classes in the elementary grades.

Lac qui Parle Valley: 820, down 28 from a year ago, largest classes are in the secondary.

Litchfield School District: 1,770, seven more than a year ago, larger classes are in middle school and high school.

MACCRAY: 710, same as last spring, has seen some increase in kindergarten and first-grade enrollment, but will be graduating large senior class this year.

Minnewaska Area: 1,140, an increase from last year, partly due to growing enrollment in the district's day treatment program.

Montevideo: 1,374, within a few students of a year ago, expects to see stable numbers in coming years.

New London-Spicer: 1,458, down 46 from a year ago, has large classes in the top three grades.

Paynesville Area: 1,034, lost a few since last spring, kindergarten is the largest class.

Renville County West: 558, a higher number than last year; has more students in elementary grades, but will lose about 40 to 50 students when migrant families leave area.

Willmar: 4,148, higher than a year ago, but the district sees large fluctuations during the year; kindergarten and first-grade are among the largest classes in the district's traditional programs.

Yellow Medicine East: 891, up from 882 at the end of the last school year, expects this year's graduates to outnumber next year's kindergarteners.