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Medina begins sentence

MONTEVIDEO -- Victor Daniel Medina, 21, of Montevideo, began serving a 150 months prison sentence Friday at the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud.

District Judge Paul Nelson sentenced Medina in district court in Montevideo on Friday under terms of a plea agreement reached earlier this week, reported Chippewa County Attorney Dwayne Knutsen. The judge allowed credit for 53 days served.

The sentence also requires that Medina make restitution for undetermined medical costs experienced by his victims.

Medina had pleaded guilty on Monday to a felony charge of tampering with a witness and three, second degree assault cha-rges for incidents in June and September in Montevideo. The witness tampering offense carried a presumptive sentence of 150 months.

Medina admitted when pleading guilty that he had threatened a man with his knife on June 27. The man had been a witness to the robbery and beating of a man at Inn Like Flinn's in Montevideo. Medina was accused of acting as a look out in the assault.

Medina pleaded guilty to the assault charges for stabbing a 27-year-old man and two women, ages 22 and 31, during an after-hours brawl in a parking lot behind Inn Like Flinn's on Sept. 4. The man suffered multiple stab wounds and was airlifted to the Hennepin County Medical Center, where he required extended hospital care. One of the women required surgery for her wounds; both were treated at the Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital.

Medina was the focus of a law enforcement search for 21 days after the Sept. 4 stabbing incident. He was apprehended after being spotted in a retail store in Watertown, S.D.