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Vaporizer explosion reported in Lake Wilson

LAKE WILSON - The Lake Wilson and Chandler Fire Departments were dispatched to a report of a vaporizer explosion at 10:20 p.m. Tuesday night at the Lake Wilson Grain Elevator.

With the elevator located directly across the street from Lake Wilson's Fire Hall, firefighters were on the scene in a matter of minutes, with Chandler's mutual aid not far behind. There were no flames or destruction noticable from the street, and the extent of damage, if any, was unknown early today.

No injuries were reported over the scanner, and both fire departments were back in their respective fire halls within a matter of hours.

Not much more than five years ago, a late night explosion rocked the small town of Lake Wilson, leveling the town's fire hall and causing serious destruction at the elevator. That explosion was caused by a faulty forced heat furnace installation at the fire hall. Both the fire hall and the elevator were rebuilt after switching sides of the street.