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Minn. man dies after dog finds him unconscious

PINE CITY, Minn. (AP) -- A 94-year-old man found lying unconscious when a dog led its owner to his Pine City driveway has died.

Police credit 15-year-old German Shorthair Effie with finding William Lepsch on Monday evening.

Owner Brett Grinde says he'd taken Effie out for their usual walk, but within a couple minutes she started pulling on the leash, wanting to go in a different direction.

Effie then took off running, leading Grinde neighbor William Lepsch's house. The dog started licking Lepsch's face as he lay face down in the driveway. Grinde called 911, then started CPR.

Lepsch initially regained consciousness and was taken to North Memorial Medical Center. A North Memorial nursing supervisor says Lepsch died Wednesday morning.