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11 church volunteers from Woodbury safe after Haiti quake

WOODBURY, Minn. - Eleven volunteers from the Five Oaks Community Church here who are in Haiti on a mission trip to assist with an orphanage project are safe and well after the 7.0 earthquake hit the country on Tuesday, according to their church pastor.

The volunteers traveled to Haiti on Saturday to assist with the construction of All God's Children orphanage in Fedja, Haiti. Fedja is about 45 miles north of the country's capitol of Port-au-Prince.

All volunteers are safe and the orphanage received no considerable damage, the Rev. Henry Williams said. The children are safe as well, he said.

The group has been attempting to contact the U.S. Embassy in Haiti to return home, Williams said. Currently there is no commercial travel allowed in or out of the country.

Five Oaks Community Church has been sending its members to help construct the orphanage on an ongoing basis since 2005.