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Citizens reminded ofcity 'snowbird' ordinance

WILLMAR -- Citizens who park their vehicles on the street are reminded that, to comply with city ordinances, they must move their vehicle at least every 48 hours.

Capt. David Wyffels of the Willmar Police says the procedure used by the department in ticketing and towing "snowbird" vehicles is that vehicles are first marked by officers. Forty eight hours later, officers return and issue a ticket, which is placed on the vehicle. They also may place a brightly colored placard on the vehicle, although it is not required by ordinance. Four hours later, if the vehicle has not yet been moved, it is towed to the city impound lot.

The costs for those who do not abide by the ordinance is a $20 parking ticket and, if the vehicle is towed, at least $100 to liberate it from the impound lot.

Motor vehicle theft

NEW LONDON -- The theft of a motor vehicle was reported around 1:30 a.m. Thursday at the New London Bowl, 19 Ash St. N.E. The 1999 Ford Windstar was later found crashed nearby.