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Clara City woman dies in accident involving RCW school bus

OLIVIA -- A 27-year-old Clara City woman died Thursday evening in an accident in Renville County which involved the vehicle she was a passenger in and an RCW school bus, according to a release from the Renville County Sheriff's Department.

The school bus was transporting the RCW boys' basketball team, returning home from a game against MACCRAY in Clara City.

Maria Karla Nonweiler of Clara City was pronounced dead at the scene. She was a passenger in a northbound car driven by James Nonweiler, 30, of Clara City. James Nonweiler was trans-ported by ambulance to the Renville County Hospital and on to North Memorial Hospital.

The Nonweiler's 3-year-old son and four passengers on the school bus were transported to the Renville County Hospital and Clinics for evaluation.

The other passengers of the bus were evaluated on the scene by medical personnel and the students were transported to the school in Renville to meet their parents.

School officials at RCW said they were doing what they could to make the school day as normal as possible for students today. High School Principal Jeff Wilson said the students were managing as well as could be expected after the shock they experienced at the accident scene.

The school bus was being driven by Kenneth Ziesmer, 71, of Olivia. The bus was heading southbound on County Road 6 and the Nonweiler vehicle was headed northbound. The acci-dent occurred around 9:30 p.m. on an icy road north of the city of Renville, just south of the intersection of Renville County Road 6 and Renville County Road 11, according a report from the Renville County Sheriff's Department.

The Renville County Sheriff's Department, along with the Minnesota State Patrol, is investi-gating the accident.