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Vikings' loyal fans remember -- 1975


As the Vikings prepare for their big game Sunday against the Cowboys, west central Minnesotans should remember this showdown of NFC giants is not your average playoff game.

For those too young to remember, it's a chance for the Vikings to right a wrong, some three decades past.

The Vikings/Cowboys playoff game from 1975 owns an instant spot in Minnesota sports lore, thanks to one player: Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson. Minnesota fans believe Pearson pushed off on the final play of the game, an act that caused Vikings defensive back Nate Wright to fall in the end zone and Pearson to catch a 50-yard touchdown pass from Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach. The foul -- flagrant in the eyes of Vikes fans everywhere -- was never called by the officiating crew. The Vikings lost 17-14.

Of course, down south in Texas, the pass is simply called the "Hail Mary." Those dastardly Cowboys fans simply can't accept reality.

On Sunday, however, it's a whole new game.

For the record, Sunday's NFL officiating crew is lead by Walt Anderson of Sugar Land, Texas. We hope this officiating crew will do a better job than the one 34 years ago.

We believe the Vikings players will rise to the occasion and send the Cowboys back to Dallas with a humbling loss.

Quarterback Brett Favre, running back Adrian Peterson and a slew of fellow Pro Bowlers have ignited a Vikings offense this year that when on, appears simply unstoppable.

On the flip-side, the defense, led by sack machine Jared Allen and Kevin and Pat Williams in the middle, has stifled opposing teams on the ground all season.

So far, it's been a great Vikings season and one we hope will continue Sunday, finally putting to rest the ghost of those '75 Cowboys.

Skol Vikings!