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Charge pending in Bemidji ambulance theft

BEMIDJI - Charges may be filed today against a man suspected of stealing an ambulance.

According to a report from the Bemidji Police Department:

An ambulance, from the Bemidji Ambulance Service, was found about 7:30 a.m. "smashed" against a utility pole on the 6000 block of Lavinia Road Northeast.

The ambulance was unoccupied.

An employee at Bemidji Ambulance Service said the ambulance was last seen in the garage at 3 a.m. Paramedics there said the ambulance was not in the garage at 6 a.m.

Bemidji Ambulance Service determined that items were disturbed in another ambulance, but nothing appeared to be missing from that unit.

A search of the ambulance located on Lavinia revealed that a cell phone and GPS unit were missing. The locked narcotics container was accounted for, as was cash.

The key to the vehicle was not in the ignition and not damage was done to the steering column.

Utility crews were called to the area. Workers later reported that there was man who had a visible injury to his head, had approached some workers asking many questions about what had happened and what all of the workers were doing.

The man, who was arrested on other charges, had on him a cell phone and GPS system. Bemidji Ambulance Service personnel identified the items as those missing from the damaged ambulance