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Willmar woman enters plea for role in drug sales


WILLMAR -- Jennifer Ann Jacobson, 45, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Thursday to a first-degree controlled substance charge for her role in selling methamphetamine to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant on Dec. 22.

Under a plea agreement reached in Kandiyohi County District Court, two additional felony drug charges and a gross misdemeanor for child endangerment, plus two other first-degree drug sale charges from a September 2009 sale, will be dismissed. She will be sentenced April 14.

Jacobson was one of three people charged in connection to the Dec. 22 sale.

William Allan Tjaden, 30, of Willmar, is charged with two first-degree drug sale charges, plus a misdemeanor charge for driving after revocation. A jury trial is scheduled May 4.

Erick Torres, 23, of Willmar, faces two first-degree drug sale charges, plus another felony for possessing cocaine. His unconditional bail was also set at $120,000. His jury trial is scheduled April 15.

The charges were filed after an informant arranged the sale of a half-ounce of meth from Jacobson. The meeting place was in a parking lot at the corner of First Street and Trott Avenue in Willmar. Jacobsen told the informant she was waiting for her supplier. Soon thereafter, Tjaden and Torres arrived and the transaction completed.

Both Jacobson's and Tjaden's vehicle were stopped by officers. Tjaden possessed a $50 bill matching previously recorded task force funds. Jacobson had $300 in task force funds and a 3.9-gram bag of meth. The informant handed over the meth in a cigarette box.

Tjaden was interviewed by agents and allegedly admitted his involvement. He said Jacobson contacted him about getting meth to sell and that he contacted Torres. He said Torres provided him with meth earlier in the day.

During her interview with agents, Jacobson admitted complete involvement in the deal. She initially claimed she gave all the drugs to the informant, but later admitted taking some of the drugs with her. She also admitted to having a child with her during the transaction.

Officers then located Torres and stopped his vehicle. He said he had drugs on him and the cocaine and meth were located in his right sock and left shoe. While checking items from Torres into evidence, more meth was found inside the battery compartment of a flashlight.

The drugs from the informant tested positive for meth and weighed approximately 11.7 grams. The meth and cocaine found on Torres weighed 7 grams and 1.2 grams.

The other charges against Jacobsen were filed after an informant contacted her to purchase a half-ounce of meth on Sept. 18 for $1,400. They met in Kandiyohi and drove to a location in the country. There, they met another vehicle. Jacobson then handed over the money in exchange for the drugs.

The informant later handed over a bag of meth that weighed 13.6 grams.

Jacobson has a May 2008 conviction for third-degree possession in Martin County.

Gretchen Schlosser

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