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Survey to assess region's health status

WILLMAR -- Over 30,000 households in 19 counties in southwest and south central Minnesota will receive the 2010 Adult Health Survey this April.

This regional effort is sponsored by the Statewide Health Improvement Program and local public health providers in the region. Wilder Research, based in St. Paul, will be conducting the survey on behalf of these organizations.

The survey asks questions about nutrition, physical activity and tobacco use. Data from the survey will be used to assess the current health status of the region's residents and help identify barriers to good nutrition and physical activity.

Results from the survey will help public health agencies establish health promotion priorities on a local and regional level.

Households receiving the survey were chosen randomly. All of the information gathered from individuals will be confidential. County residents' responses will be combined into a summary report which will be available in July of this year. It is important for everyone who receives a survey to complete and return it so that public health and health care professionals can get a clear picture of the health care needs of the region.

For more information, contact your local public health agency.