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DWI chair auctioned for $3,700

The third time may be the charm for the motorized lounge chair Proctor police seized in 2008. After two failed online auctions last year, a Duluth-area resident placed the winning $3,700 bid Tuesday night. (File / News Tribune)

PROCTOR - It appears the much-discussed motorized easy chair that landed its previous owner a DWI conviction in Proctor will remain in the Northland.

The winning $3,700 bid for the chair came from a resident of the Duluth area, said Bart Kyte, sales manager of Oberfoell Auctioneers, the Mountain Iron business that orchestrated its sale. He declined to disclose the identity of the top bidder, but Kyte said 15 interested parties were actively engaged in the auction at

Bidding closed at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The proceeds will go to the Proctor Police Department, which seized the novelty chair in August 2008 after its former owner drove it into a parked vehicle after drinking. The custom-made chair is powered by a lawnmower engine and features running lights, a stereo, a rear-view mirror, a magazine rack and cup holder.

The city tried twice last year to sell the chair online, but both efforts fell through, once when eBay canceled the auction because the chair was incorrectly described as a La-Z-Boy and again when the winning bidder, apparently overcome with buyer's remorse, reneged. Bidding for the chair on the first eBay auction reached a dizzying pinnacle of $43,500.

Will the more modest $3,700 price hold?

Kyte remains optimistic.

"You can never be sure until you have payment in hand, but we know the buyer's name, address and phone number. And we would have recourse if the deal doesn't stick."