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Wind gusts nearing 50 mph knock down trees across the region; numerous docks, buildings pitched around

The back corner of Daniel Twardy's home in Grove City was damaged by a boxelder tree that blew over during a wind storm Tuesday morning. A tow truck from Randy's Heavy Towing in Litchfield was used to remove the main section of the tree trunk. Other parts of the tree are also pictured. Tribune photo by Ron Adams

Trees blown down by high winds Monday evening and early Tuesday morning were the cause of numerous cases of property damage.

The roof of a home along First Street South in Grove City was damaged around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday when a large tree fell on the structure.

On Diamond Lake, docks and boat lifts were thrown about by the winds.

A machine shed blew across the road at the Jerry and Ella Mae Henry farm north of Kerkhoven about 1 a.m. Tuesday. The Henrys' son-in-law, Brian Nelson, said the machinery that was in and around the shed is still in the same place, but "the whole shed's gone."

Nelson estimated the shed was about 80-by-50 feet.

Some of the shed was still on the road Tuesday. 

In Willmar, police received numerous calls regarding tree limbs down in the streets, including several reports of the limbs striking parked vehicles.

Emergency crews responded around 1:50 a.m. Tuesday to a call along the 500 block of Julii Street Southeast that a tree had fallen on an occupied minivan. A man was not hurt, but was pinned into the vehicle after a tree limb fell through the windshield and between his arm and torso.