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Junior royalty coronation to begin Willmar Fests block party

WILLMAR -- Crowning of the Willmar Fests junior royalty kicks off the Downtown Block Party at 4:30 p.m. Thursday at Fifth Street and Becker Avenue Southwest.

Finalists have been announced.

The prince and princess will be chosen by random drawing.

Princess finalists are as follows: Hannah Borstad, daughter of Jeremy and Heidi Borstad; Emma Williams, daughter of Alan and Christina Williams; Anayenci Trevino, daughter of Juanita and Evaristo Soriano; Aaliyah Benavides, daughter of Amber and Jorge Benavides; Sage Birkeland, daughter of Tiffany Lorz; Emma Anderson, daughter of Michelle Anderson and Allen Anderson; Emily Ashburn, daughter of Mitch and Jeanne Ashburn; Cambrie Parker, daughter of Grant and Dianne Parker; Abigail Mathiasen, daughter of Bob and Linda Mathiasen; Alexa Christoffer, daughter of Jayson and Angie Christoffer; Megan Warner, daughter of Jeff and April Warner; Madisen Kallevig, granddaughter of Ron and Bev Kallevig; Addy DeKraai, daughter of Tamara and Rob DeKraai; Juliana Palmer, daughter of Rob and Amy Palmer; Allyce Mulder, daughter of Delayna Groen; Natasha Klatt, daughter of Jennifer and Nathan Klatt.

Prince finalists are as follows: Ethan Roux, son of Todd and Sonia Roux; Blake Hanson, son of Dianne and Richard Hanson; Isaiah Cameron, son of Christina Cameron and Brock Cameron; Adam Bengtson, son of Tracy and Lisa Bengtson.