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Meeker County set to crack down on impaired boaters

LITCHFIELD -- Boat and water deputies from the Meeker County Sheriff's Office and Department of Natural Resource officers will be out in full force this weekend for Operation Dry Water 2010, a national crackdown on those boating while intoxicated from alcohol or drugs.

Operation Dry Water is a partnership with the United States Coast Guard and has been a highly successful effort to draw public attention to the hazards of boating while intoxicated.

According to Sheriff Jeff Norlin, boaters found to be impaired can expect severe penalties that may include fines, jail time, loss of boating privileges or even loss of driving privileges.

"This is a continuation of our efforts in a proactive approach of educating, enforcement and information to the public. We want people to have fun on the water, but be safe," Norlin said.

According to the National Transportation and Safety Board, recreational boating accidents are second only to highway accidents in the number of transportation fatalities.