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Dawson-Boyd receives more than $85,000 in grant funds for the arts, enabling five two-weeks programs

DAWSON -- Five different artists will be conducting two-week programs at Dawson-Boyd schools in the next two years, thanks to a recently awarded state grant.

The Minnesota State Arts Board awarded $85,234 to Dawson-Boyd as part of its Arts Learning program. The artists will work with students as part of artist-in-residency offerings.

"We couldn't be happier," said performing arts director Luanne Fondell in announcing the award. "Our school district has been the fortunate recipient of many years of arts in education funding through the State Arts Board.

These residencies have enriched the educational experience of hundreds of Stevens Elementary students.''

Forty-six grants were awarded statewide in the Arts Learning grant category for a total of $1,964,610 in the first year.

Five different artists will conduct two-week residencies next year: Theater artist Perrin Boyd, grades K-2 and grade 3; storyteller Danielle Daniel, grades K-2; Musician Ross Sutter, grade 4; mosaic/poetry artist Lisa Arnold, grade 5; and multidisciplinary visual artist Susan Armington, grade 6.

-- From staff reports