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Cold Spring brewer to discontinue Gluek beer, for now

COLD SPRING, Minn. (AP) -- It's the end of the line for a Minnesota beer brand that survived Prohibition.

After more than 150 years of production, Cold Spring Brewing Co. has decided to discontinue the Gluek beer brand.

By September, Gluek will be phased out. But vice president and general manager Doug DeGeest says Cold Spring Brewing is keeping the Gluek trademark, and it's possible the beer could come back.

DeGeest says it was a business decision to discontinue the Gluek brand. He says the Cold Spring-based company cannot keep up with production and needed to decide which product in its portfolio of beers to discontinue.

Gluek beer started in 1857 with the Mississippi Brewing Co. in Minneapolis. The brand was acquired in 1997 by Cold Spring Brewing.