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Sheriff warns of money scam, urges citizens to research charities

WILLMAR -- A scam, with individuals contacting local citizens by e-mail or phone and asking for money, is taking place in west central Minnesota.

According to a news release from Kandiyohi County Sheriff Dan Hartog, the scam involves a person contacting citizens and stating that he or she is on a trip to Cyprus or some other country for a program.

The person says they are having difficulties because they misplaced their wallet and don't have money to pay hotel bills or get themselves home. The person also mentions working with the local embassy and states that the embassy officials are not responding effectively. Then, the caller will ask the person to send whatever they can afford to help them.

The person also states that they will refund the money and that they don't have a phone where they can be reached.

Hartog reminds citizens to only donate money to legitimate charities and if they have concerns about a charity, to research before giving a donation.

Also, citizens are asked to contact their local law enforcement agency with questions regarding individuals asking for donations.