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Willmar's drug take-back event proves to be big success; drugs to be held and incinerated

Buckets are filled to the brim with pill bottles and drug packaging after an event Wednesday in Willmar. Some 171 pounds of materials was collected during the event, according to law enforcement. Submitted

WILLMAR -- The drug take-back event Wednesday evening in Willmar collected a total of 171 pounds of materials, according to Willmar Police Chief David Wyffels.

The total weight includes the weight of the 16 buckets containing the drugs, plus the bottles and packaging. However, at least half of the total weight is drugs that are now off the streets and out of peoples' homes, Wyffels added

The drugs were sealed into the five-gallon buckets and are now held in the police department's evidence room. They will be incinerated, either in North Dakota or Wisconsin, along with drugs confiscated by the police department and no longer needed as evidence.

Wyffels said the collection included "anything and everything" with no questions asked of those handing in the drugs. He expects that there will be another take-back event at some point in the future.

The event was sponsored by the police department and the Kandiyohi County Drug Free Communities Coalition.