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'Stocking Stuffers' at New London LIttle Theatre

Like most dolls during the Christmas season, these toys in "The Ladies Speak" are inanimate when people are around. But they come to life and have plenty to talk about when they're on their own. (Tribune photo by Gary Miller)

NEW LONDON -- The New London Little Theatre presents "Stocking Stuffers" by Geff Moyer at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

The production is a combination of five short comical holiday scenes intermingled with songs and poetry all preformed by local talent. It is directed by Deb Nelson, Steve Gralish, Diane Visser and Kaitlyn Wolbeck.

Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. Call the theater at 320-354-2559 and leave a detailed message to reserve your seats.

Up Front

Donner (Laurel Iverson) and Blitzen (Vincent Mische), who have been exercising during the off-season, are ready to challenge Dancer and Prancer as lead reindeer.

The Ladies Speak

Four talking dolls and a clown, each speaking a different phrase, three are content with their lives.

One is questioning why they are only allowed to say those specific phrases.

The dolls are played by Deb Nelson, Laurel Iverson, Michelle Gralish and Verna Patrick, with Darlene Bratberg playing the clown.

The Water Cooler

Two overworked elves on break complain about their long shifts, only to learn that Santa has just hired female elves to work in his shop. Playing the male elves are Steve Gralish, Vincent Mische and Philip Iverson. The female elf is played by Laura Sisser.

The Break Up

Barbie (Kaitlyn Wolbeck) and G.I. Joe (George Kuepper) are calling it quits, with Joe trying desperately to show his "tender" side.

The Trial

This is the trial of the reindeer that ran over Grandma. Donner is played by Laurel Iverson and Blitzen by Vincent Mische.

Donna Ventrilla is Grandma, Nick Ventrilla is the Judge and Diane Visser is the bailiff.

Philip Iverson plays Egg Nog, Kaitlyn Wolbeck plays Medicine Bottle, George Kueppers is Scrooge and Laura Sisser is the female elf.