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MnDOT: Motorists should slow down, give plows room to work

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota Department of Transportation urges motorists across the state to check road conditions before traveling and to make room for plows and trucks still working to clear snow.

MnDOT continues to clean up after the weekend blizzard.

Motorists should stay at least five car lengths behind plows to avoid the snow clouds. Plow drivers will pull over when it's safe to allow vehicles to pass.

It's important to stay alert when following plows, as they can turn frequently and cross center lines while working to clear roads.

Motorists are aqlso urged to watch for slippery areas, especially on shoulders, ramps and bridges where compacted snow is making surfaces dangerous. Chemicals for de-icing do not work well in the cold temperatures that Minnesota is experiencing.

Road conditions vary around the state.

The Willmar and Marshall areas are experiencing good driving conditions with some compacted snow and scattered slippery spots.

Near Hutchinson, roads are in good driving condition with the exception of some highways that have icy patches.

In northern Minnesota, which saw no snow, but had frigid temperatures, roads are in fairly good shape with some scattered slippery spots due to compaction and frost.

The majority of Twin Cities metro area roads remain in difficult driving condition, despite crews working around the clock since Friday evening.

In southeastern Minnesota, crews are focusing on cleaning-up roads, especially ramps and bridges in the eastern part of the area. Motorists are encouraged to drive slowly as there is still compacted snow on roads, conditions which will continue until temperatures warm up and chemicals start to work again.

Interstate 90, which closed early Saturday, Dec. 11, and reopened early Sunday Dec. 12, is still proving to be difficult to drive.

In the Mankato area, some roads are in fair conditions, but many remain in hazardous conditions with up to 1 inch of ice on surfaces. Crews continue to sand to give motorists some traction.

The National Weather Service forecasts continued cold temperatures and more snow Wednesday evening.