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Minnesota River slowly dropping today in Montevideo and Granite Falls

The Minnesota River is slowly starting to drop, but it will take time before it is back to safe levels. The river is shown pouring over Minnesota Highway 67 south of Granite Falls, where the highway is temporarily closed.

MONTEVIDEO -- The Minnesota River is slowly receding in Montevideo and Granite Falls today.

The river appears to have reached its second crest in both communities on Thursday.

In Montevideo, the river was reported at 19.86 feet on Thursday, and has come down to 19.7 feet this morning. The National Weather Service is projecting a slow downward trend through the upcoming days.

In Granite Falls the river rose to 893.01 feet on Thursday evening.

That makes the 2011 flood the sixth highest recorded in Granite Falls, and bumps the 2010 flood down to seventh place, reported Mayor David Smiglewski of Granite Falls.

Both communities will be keeping a close eye on the river in the week ahead, as the level is expected to remain high.

It will likely be a week before the river drops down enough to allow sanitary sewer services to be restored to the Smith Addition in Montevideo, reported City Manager Steve Jones.