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Early results of arts census released

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota State Arts Board is conducting a statewide census, "MN Arts Count," for individuals who engage in creative expression and for businesses, facilities, and organizations that promote and support creative expression.

After one month of the census, interim results reveal:

n Visual art is the leading form of creative expression, with 62 percent of respondents indicating that pursuit. 55 percent cited performing arts and 32 percent literary arts. (Respondents may indicate more than one form of creative expression.)

n Of particular interest is the minority populations. To date, 12 percent of respondents indicated they were non-Caucasian. The Arts Board is making a concerted effort to reach minority populations by translating the survey into Somali, Spanish, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese, and canvassing minority neighborhoods.

n 36 percent of respondents indicated receiving no income from their form of creative expression. Only 12 percent said that they derived all of their income from artistic endeavors.

n 29 percent of respondents have jobs that are completely unrelated to creative expression, for example, as an accountant.

n On average, individuals spend 21 hours per week on all forms of creative expression in which they engage.

n The majority of respondents (66 percent) are women.

n On the organizational level, performing arts groups have had the highest rate of participation. 34 percent of organizational respondents represented performing arts groups (musical group, dance group, theater company, comedy troupe).

The census will be conducted through April 30 and is an effort to quantify the vast number of Minnesotans who create nearly anything. This includes everybody from weekend scrapbookers, to church choir members, to Native American beadworkers and anyone else in Minnesota who expresses himself or herself creatively to be proud and be counted.

The MN Arts Count is being conducted by the Minnesota State Arts Board and the state's regional arts councils under the direction of the Minnesota legislature to ensure funds from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment are invested wisely.

The census can be accessed at

Paper surveys for individuals can be requested by calling 800-748-3222 ext. 225.