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This is the records summary for April 22.

Minneapolis woman made Eden Valley-Watkins post after watching movie

LITCHFIELD -- With the assistance of Minneapolis Police, Meeker County investigators have interviewed the Minneapolis woman allegedly responsible for posting "I see dead people" with a photo of Eden Valley-Watkins High School on Facebook.

School officials put the district schools on lockdown Wednesday after the comment was posted.

According to Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin, the woman has children at the school and told investigators she'd watched the movie "The Sixth Sense" the night before the posting.

The woman's name is not being released, pending formal review of charges by the county attorney's office.

District Court

Kandiyohi County

- Jose Holden Sorto Munoz, 35, of Willmar pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony charge of aggravated forgery for using another man's name on an employment form.

He also entered guilty pleas to a gross misdemeanor for driving while impaired on March 11 and misdemeanor charges of driving while impaired and school bus arm violation dating back to 2003.

He will be sentenced May 12. Munoz is also known as Armando Luna and Javier Rivera Mojica.

According to the felony complaint, in July 2009, a man named Armando Luna reported to Willmar Police that he'd applied for a job in Texas and a background check showed he'd been charged with driving while impaired in Willmar. The man had never been to Willmar or been convicted of impaired driving, but he'd lost his wallet in Texas in 1999 or 2000.

The name and criminal history was linked to the name Jose Holden Sorto, which connected investigators to an I-9 form signed in April 2009 at G&S Staffing.

On March 11, Munoz was stopped for driving while impaired by a Willmar Police officer. He allegedly was identified as Mojica, booked into the jail and released. His fingerprint was run though the IBIS system and connected him to the Luna name and a warrant for the 2003 driving while impaired case.

Officers went to Munoz' home and arrested him. He was interviewed and admitted to assuming the Mojica name about four years ago and working for Willmar Poultry. He said he'd previously used the Luna name, had been arrested for driving while impaired under that name and went back to Honduras because of the legal trouble. He later returned and used the Mojica name.

- Daniel James Pelkey, 23, of Willmar pleaded guilty Wednesday to an amended felony charge of check forgery for taking or attempting to take $51,570.95 from a man's checking account by forging checks.

As part of a plea agreement, the charge was amended to a lower level felony and another check forgery charge will be dismissed. He will be sentenced June 2.

The charges were filed after the Renville County Sheriff's office received a report on Dec. 28 that a man's vehicle had been broken into and that a checkbook was among the missing items. On Jan. 31, the man reported someone had written checks on the account in Litchfield, Willmar and Hutchinson. The checks included two written to fast food restaurants for $19.59 and $26.36, plus four checks written to "Dan Pelkey" for a total of $1,150. Someone had also attempted to deposit $50,000 into an account opened in Pelkey's name at a Willmar bank.

Pelkey was interviewed and said another man wrote the checks and then admitted to passing some of the checks.

The investigation revealed that Pelkey was captured on video surveillance at the local bank, that he had used the checks to open an account at the bank and that his driver's license signature appeared to match the signature on the forged checks.

- Ulises Sanchez, 28, of Minneapolis was sentenced Thursday to 21 months in prison on a terroristic threats charge for threatening family members with a machete in August 2008.

The stay of execution on Sanchez' prison sentence was revoked at his request during a probation violation revocation hearing. He was given credit for 253 days already served in jail.

The charges were filed after Willmar police were called around 9:20 a.m. Aug. 22 to a home on the city's southeast side. A man reported that another man was threatening him and other family members with a machete. Police officers talked with Sanchez, who said they had a verbal argument, but denied ever having a knife or machete. Others at the home said they saw Sanchez with a machete in his hand, yelling and swearing.

The reporting party told officers Sanchez had been using methamphetamine for about a week and that he had threatened to kill them, or hold another man hostage, if he didn't get more drugs. The man also reported that Sanchez had stashed a box in the garage with the weapon.