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Grove City man in Meeker County Jail on attempted murder, assault charges

LITCHFIELD -- A Grove City man is in the Meeker County Jail and faces charges of second-degree attempted murder and second-degree assault for a Sunday incident that included shooting at two victims with a handgun.

According to a news release from Sheriff Jeff Norlin, Kristopher Keith Litzau was arrested around 2 p.m. Tuesday at a motel in Hutchinson. Officers found him hiding in the shower of a motel room.

A warrant was issued for Litzau's arrest after an incident around 4:30 a.m. Sunday in Grove City that began as a noise complaint. The deputy sent to the call was notified while proceeding to the scene that there was a person involved with a handgun. The suspect, Litzau, had fled but witnesses said that Litzau had displayed a .45 caliber handgun, repeatedly used his vehicle to ram an occupied vehicle and drove over the feet of two people while driving the vehicle. They didn't sustain serious injury. Litzau allegedly stopped the vehicle and fired a round in the direction of two people from a distance of 25 feet and left. The round was recovered about 8 feet from where the people were standing.

A search was conducted with the assistance of the Litchfield Police Department and Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office. Litzau's vehicle was located and impounded. An arrest warrant was issued and an intensive search continued for Litzau. Acting on a lead, investigators went to Hutchinson where the suspect was arrested.

Shortly after the arrest, investigators recovered the weapon used in this incident. The gun was hidden in the ceiling of the basement at a Litchfield residence.