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Renville Co., Minn. ATV training on Saturday cancelled

OLIVIA -- The Renville County Sheriff's Office has cancelled the youth ATV safety training scheduled for Saturday. In a memorandum sent by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the sheriff's office was instructed to suspend all safety training courses in the event of a shutdown of the state government.

According to Sheriff Scott Hable, the State Insurance Policy and Workmen's Compensation coverage for instructors and students has been suspended. Any accidents or injuries that might occur to instructors or students during a DNR course would not be covered.

The sheriff's office has cancelled the training with the intention of rescheduling once the state resumes normal services. Upon rescheduling the safety training, the Renville County Sheriff's Office will notify the news media via press release.

Please check the Renville County Sheriff's Office website and Facebook page for updated information.