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Drainage water, nutrient management sessions set Aug. 23 at Lamberton

LAMBERTON -- The University of Minnesota Southwest Research and Outreach Center and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture are hosting field events Aug. 23. A morning session will be conducted at the research center, with an afternoon session south of Lamberton.

The objective of the Drainage Water Management Field Day at the research center is to convene farmers, researchers, stakeholders and practitioners to interact on issues related to soil drainage for productivity and environmental enhancement.

Land drainage has been encouraged to improve public highways, reduce public health risks, promote increased crop yield and reduced yield variability, reduce surface runoff and erosion, and increase land value.

The goal of drainage water management is achieving balanced production and conservation goals. To be effective, the strategies must account for the many facets of today's farming systems. No one practice alone constitutes drainage water management nor does one strategy fit all systems.

The presentations will highlight major areas that show promise from the standpoint of water quality protection, emphasizing the array of options potentially available to farmers for water quality protection and enhancement.

Participants of the Field Day will receive digital materials, including five papers that highlight research projects conducted by scientists from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Satish Gupta, University of Minnesota, will be on hand to discuss stream bank stability and sediment sources in the Minnesota River.

Dr. Andry Ranaivoson, University of Minnesota, will share results on the performance of bioreactors for treating agricultural drainage water.

Dr. Joe Magner, University of Minnesota, will discuss drainage ditch design and management strategies.

Dr. Gary Sands and Mike Talbot, University of Minnesota, will present results about production and environmental benefits and limitations of controlled drainage.

Finally, Dr. Jeff Strock, University of Minnesota, will be on hand to share results of research on constructed water and nutrient retention basins for treating agricultural drainage water.

Registration will begin at 8:45 a.m. and the program will begin at 9 with field tours at the Southwest Research and Outreach Center that will highlight soil, drainage, and water quality research. There is no cost for the Field Day. A lunch will be served at a cost of $8 per person.

For more information on the Drainage Water Management Field Day please visit the Southwest Research and Outreach Center website at http://swroc.cfans.umn.

edu or call at 507-752-7372.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture will highlight three nutrient management strategies at an afternoon field day starting at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 23, located five miles south and three miles west of Lamberton.

The objective of the afternoon presentation is to show how three different nutrient management ideas can be applied to farms.

First, a water management control structure will be installed to control the water table on 10 acres. Research center staff, a local drainage contractor, as well as a product representative from Agri-Drain will discuss installing control devices, operation and maintenance as well as the environmental benefits.

Secondly, Department of Agriculture staff will highlight the Natural Resources Conservation Service/

Minnesota Department of Agriculture Nutrient Management Initiative program. Located at the field site is a 6-acre plot that has been in the Nutrient Management Initiative program for four years.

The plot has received 2 nitrogen application rates (210 vs 180) that have been repeated each year as well as a zero rate nitrogen rate strip. The average dollar returns for an additional 30 pounds off nitrogen will be discussed.

Thirdly, an Ag Management Solutions specialist from D&M Implement in Marshall will show how precision ag applications can reduce inputs, operator fatigue and increase productivity.

A John Deere Gator will be equipped with GPS guidance and control accessories will demonstrate various featured applications in a ride-and-drive format.

For more information on the Nutrient Management Field Day, please contact Russell Derickson with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture at 507-828-1229.